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Multi Round Robin Tournament Management

This site allows:

Clubs to organize and manage singles and doubles multi round robin tournaments in less than 2 minutes [1].
Players to register to club tournaments, enter matches results, see ratings and all matches results. In addition, players can create their own private one group single or double round robin tournament.

For clubs

Let the software work for you, so you can offer to your members all the competitions they wish.

Once you have spent your 2 minutes creating a new tournament, this free site will manage the following steps for you:
  • It allows club members and guests to register to your tournament from their computer or mobile device.
  • MultiRoundRobin.com will split players in several groups based on the players rating, and will create a round robin tournament for each group.
  • Players see their tournament group and their matches on their mobile device or computer.
  • Players enter their scores on their mobile device or computer [2].
  • MultiRoundRobin.com ranks each tournament group.
  • MultiRoundRobin.com recalculates the players rating, and publishes it on the Internet together with tournaments results and other useful statistics.
  • In addition, MultiRoundRobin.com allows you to add into your website a box with the last tournament winners that get automatically updated.
However, if you prefer to enroll players yourself, and/or enter the results yourself, you can do it, so players don't have to do it.

For players

As a player you can:
  • Register to club tournaments in your club(s) or in clubs that allows guests.
  • Enter your matches results.
  • See club ratings including historical charts.
  • See tournament results and ranking inside each group.
  • See all your past matches results.
  • Run your own private single or double round robin tournament.


Beside the standard multi round robin tournament for singles, this site manages also multi round robin tournaments for doubles.
However, it is not a standard double tournament where players select their partner and they play together the whole tournament. These are the characteristics:
  • Partners are selected by the software.
  • Partners will change dynamically during the tournament.
  • Every player will play 4 matches regardless of the number of players in the group.
  • One or more players can stop playing and the group will keep playing. New pairs will be created by the software as soon as one player drop from the tournament.
  • A special rating for doubles is calculated by the software and it is assigned individually.

[1] First tournament requires a little more time since tournaments are highly customizable to fit everybody needs.

[2] Results can be entered in several ways and from different people in order to assure that even players without a mobile device or a computer can have their matches scored. Players are also notified when someone else updates their scores, and/or when they forget to enter their scores.

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