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Multi Round Robin Tournament Management

Create a Private RR Tournament

Please log in to create your private tournament.

You can use this page to create a private Round Robin Tournament.
You can create tournaments for single or double. You can select from 3 to 8 players for a single tournament, and from 4 to 14 players for a double tournament.

For double tournaments the software will select the partners that may change for every match. Every players will play 4 matches, regardless of the total number of player in the tournament. At the end of the tournament the software will show the tournament standing, that is calculated individually, and the list of the 3 best couples.

On the next page you can select the players that will play in your private tournament.
All players must be register to this site or to the table reservation website (tt-clubs.com) that share user information with this website.

Once you have chosen the players, the software will show you the matches and the players (and pairs for double tournaments) that will play on each match. The same page is also used to enter the result of each match.

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