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Multi Round Robin Tournament Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is multiroundrobin.com?
Multirounfrobin.com allows clubs and associations to manage internal members rating, and create multiple round robin tournaments in which members and guests play against members and guests with the closest rating.
Multiroundrobin.com can either:
  1. Support the organizer to manage the tournament, or
  2. delegate all the operations to the players themselves, or
  3. a combination of the two.
Is this site free?
Yes. The site uses banners to finance itself. As long as our visitors are interested to our sponsors and visit them, we can keep this site free.
For what activities can this site create tournaments?
For every activity in which players should compete against players at a close level; therefore, it makes sense to rate the players. E.g. It makes no sense to use this site to manage a tournament for an activity in which the result of a game is based mainly on luck and not skill.
Examples of activities are:
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis
  • Chess
Which rating systems can be used?
At this time the club can choose among the following rating systems:
  • Based on the USATT rating system
  • based on the ITTF World Ranking System(under construction http://www.ittf.com/_front_page/ittf_full_story1.asp?ID=22863&Category=
  • Old USTTA Rating System
  • Elo rating system (under construction)
  • Based on the USTA rating algorithm (under construction)
In addition a club can add some custom parameters like:
  • A minimum rating value
  • Additional points to be added for players who win all matches in their group. (This value can also be reduced for each game lost)
How does multiroundrobin.com calculate each groups ranking?
The ranking inside each group is calculated using the following criteria. Each criterion is used only when the prior criteria return a match.
Individuals [1] and teams ranking:
  1. The player with the highest difference among won matches and lost matches
  2. The player with the highest difference among won games and lost games
Best Couple (For Couples/Doubles tournaments where Couples are chosen by multiroundrobin.com and players rotate during the tournament)
  1. The couple with the highest ratio among won matches and lost matches
  2. The couple with the highest ratio among won games and lost games
[1] Individual Ranking is used for singles tournament, teams tournament, and Couples/Doubles tournaments, where couples are dynamically chosen by multiroundrobin.com and players rotate during the tournament. Since the couples changes during a Couple/Double Tournaments, the classification is made per each single player, however the best couples are also provided using the criteria shown above.
Can multiroundrobin.com manage double/couple tournaments?
Multiroundrobin.com can organize multi group round robin tournaments in which the composition of the teams is set by the software and it changes dynamically during the tournament. Groups can be set from 5 to 14 players per group and every player will play 4 matches. Multiroundrobin.com double tournaments are not pure round robins in which every team is set before the starting of the tournament and they play against all the other teams.
How do I find a partner for a double/couple tournament?
Multiroundrobin.com will team up players; therefore, you just register like a single tournament. In most cases teams are not static, but they change during the tournament. For every match, players have different opponent and often different partner. This logic allows to have groups of any number of players, and, even with odd number of players, all the players will always play 4 matches. (An exception to the "4 matches feature" is when one or more players don't play all the games.)
Multiroundrobin.com flexibility will even allows tournament administrators to set multiroundrobin.com to choose whether partners should be kept together as much as possible, or they should change as much as possible. In both cases multiroundrobin.com will never partner together the 2 players with the highest rating or the 2 with the lowest rating, and teams are created so that the total rating of one team is always as close as possible to that of the opponent team.
Playing double, what happen when one player don’t show up or leave before playing all games?
When one or more players are missing at the starting of the tournament, or as soon as it is known that one player is no longer playing, one of the player in the group (or a tournament manager) has to click on the "report absent" link for that player in the “enter results" page, and multiroundrobin.com rearrange all the matches trying to assure that every player keep playing at least 4 matches. Some players might need to play 5 matches to overcome the missing player(s). This can be applied again as long as there are at least 4 players in the group. Before clicking the “report absent” link, make sure that all played matches have a result, and temporarily change the result for matches in progress to 0 to 0 (or any other result different from "-") so that multiroundrobin.com saves those matches. All matches with a result with both dashes will be replaced by a new match with available players.
In doubles, for each group, how many matches are played and can matches be played in parallel?
The following table show characteristics for each group based on the number of players in the group:
Matches per player44444444444
Total matches4567891011121314
Roundsn/a n/a n/a n/a 4556677
Parallel matches111122222 or 32 or 32 or 3
[1] 4 players group is only available when a 5 players group looses one player. For this group composition there are teams in which both players have a higher/lower rating than their opponents, and rating optimization is not possible. Also, to ensure 4 matches per player, one of the match is played twice.
Does playing double affects my club rating?
Multiroundrobin.com keeps 2 separated rating for single and double. Double rating is also associated with the individual and not to the team. When you play double, your rating increase or decrease is calculated together with your partner, but then, it is separately applied to you and your partner.
When you enroll to a club you only provide your single rating. The first time you play double the system use your single rating to rate you for the double. From this time on, multiroundrobin.com keeps your 2 ratings separated.
How do I enroll to a club/association in order to play tournaments?
First, you have to register to multiroundrobin.com or tt-clubs.com. (If you are already registered to tt-clubs.com you don't have to register to multiroundrobin.com, but you have to use the tt-clubs.com userid and password to login to multiroundrobin.com.) Then, go to "All Clubs" and select the club/association you would like to register. At the end of the club description table there is the form that allows you to register to the club. You’ll be registered as a guest. If you are a member of the club, one of the administrators has to change your status to member.
My opponent didn’t want to play or didn’t show up, what should I do?
The club can set the system to subtract penalty points from the rating of players whose score is equal to "-". In case the club has enabled this feature (check here), it should have provided rules on how to manage these scenarios. In case it hasn’t, the general rule is to change the score of the available player from "-" to "0", and to leave the score of the not available player to "-".
When one of the scores is equal to "-" and one to "0", the player with "-" loses the points as set by the club, and loses the match. The player with the "0" wins the match, but he/she doesn’t get any change in his/her rating.
I don’t have an Internet device, how do I enroll to a tournament and enter my results?
Any assistant in your club can enroll and enter your results. Results can also be entered by any player in your group.
How do I define a new club/association?
First you have to be registered as user to multiroundrobin.com. Then go to "Management -> Manage Clubs" and add the new club. You’ll be one of the administrators for the club, so you will be allowed to create and manage tournaments for the club.
How are members/guests added to a club/association?
Members or guests have to register first to multiroundrobin.com or to tt-clubs.com (The table reservation website). Once a user is registered to the site, he/she can enroll to as many clubs as he/she wishes. When a user enrolls in a club, he/she is enrolled as a guest. Administrators can change the status of the user from guest to member.
Members/guests can also be added by administrators and assistants before a tournament (see next question)
Can unregistered users be added to a tournament?
Yes. In case it is inconvenient for the user to register before the tournament, administrators, manager and assistants can add new users to a tournament providing them temporary values that can be confirmed and completed lately by the player.
How do I create a new tournament?
To create or manage a tournament you have to be a manager for the club. As manager, you can go to "Management -> Manage Tournaments" and add a new tournament. From that form you have to select a tournament model and then provide the date of the tournament. All the other fields in the form will be automatically filled with data taken from the model, and you can keep or change them.
What is a tournament model?
A tournament model contains all custom parameters that define a tournament. To create a new tournament you only have to choose one of your models and possibly change only a few values or even only the starting date. You can create a new tournament in less than a minute.
Can I Modify a tournament after I have created it?
It depends. You can modify the parameters until it is still possible doing it. For example, you can change the tournament start time before the starting time, but not after the tournament has begun.
Can I add a player after the tournament has started?
No, at this time it is not possible.
Is it possible to select who can participate in a tournament?
Yes. You can choose any combination of the following criteria:
  • Members only (vs. members and guests)
  • Sex (men, women or both)
  • Age range
  • Rating range
How are tournament groups created?
Groups are always created so that players play against players with a rating as close as possible to theirs. However, you have many parameters to customize the group composition according to your own preference, like max number of players, max number of groups, optimal number of players per group, including several parameters to choose how to manage uneven groups.
Can I adjust the group composition?
Yes. You can set an interval between the end of registration and the start of the tournament. You can use this time to review the group composition, and manually move players from one group to another.
What are the Member Access Levels and Privileges?
When a user enroll to a club he/she is automatically enrolled as a guest. Club administrators and managers can change the level to member, assistant, manager, or administrator. Administrators can do everything, managers can perform a subset of operations, (tournament) assistants can perform operations for members and guests who can’t use a smart phone or a computer. The following table show in detail the function available for each level. TO BE ADJUSTED
Register/Unregister to tournaments [1]
Update match results for the group [1]
Browse statistics like rating, tournament results, past matches results, etc.
Possibility to participate in “Members Only” tournaments. X
Register/Unregister other members from tournament (including banned ones) [1] XX
Update everybody game results (including banned ones) [1] XX
Browse the log (version 2) XX
Update club/association profile [1] XXX
Manage tournament models [1] XXX
Create/update/cancel tournaments XXX
Preview and modify tournament groups XXX
Manage members:
  • Set guests, members, assistants, managers, and other administrators [1]
  • Modify members rating [1]
  • Ban/Unban players from registering themselves to tournaments (managers and assistants can still register them) [1]
  • Ban/Unban players from entering matches results (other players in same group, managers and assistants should do it) [1]

[1] these actions are logged.
My club offers multiple activities for which I’d like to create tournaments. How do I manage the different activities?
Multiroundrobin.com manages one activity per each club. If your club offers multiple activities then you should define multiple clubs/associations (E.g. Adding the activity name after your club name). Your members should only enroll to the club(s) they would like to participate in the tournaments.
How do I manage players that don’t show up, or don’t play all the matches, or don’t report results?
Administrators can set in the club management some penalties points that are subtracted from the rating of players whose match score is left equal to “-“. This feature can be used to penalize players who don’t update their result, and to penalize player that don’t play some matches if the club policy is to penalize them. Clubs that decide to use this feature should provide to the players a policy that states how players should enter the results. When setting the policy remember that the system subtract the penalty points to players whose score is equal to “-“; therefore changing the “-“ to “0” will prevent the system from subtracting points. Also consider that the general rule, when a player is not available, is to leave his/her score to “-“ and change the score of the available player to “0”. This rule might be already used by players who also play in other clubs.
What happen if a player forgets to update a result?
You can set a time before the deadline for reporting results at which multiroundrobin.com will send a reminder email to all players who have not yet report their results. If they still don't enter the results, penalties points could be subtracted from their rating (see previous question)
What happen if a player enters a wrong result?
When a player updates a result, multiroundrobin.com sends an email to the other player, so he/she can check the result, and he/she can correct it if it is wrong. Then, a new email is sent to the first player, and so on. An email might not be sent when the other player has already seen the result.
Some players are not reliable on reporting results, or they register to tournaments and they don’t show up, can I ban them?
Yes, managers can ban players from either register to tournament and/or reporting results. Managers and assistants can still register them. Other players on the same group, managers and assistants can also report their results.
Can I link to multiroundrobin.com?
Yes. Most of the page can be called directly just copying the complete URL. For example, you can call directly the page with your member rating or with the past result for your club.
Can I include a box with the tournament winners list in my site?
Yes. You can add 3 kinds of boxes that contain the list of the players who won each group. You can have:
  1. Winners of the latest single or double tournament played in the club.
  2. Winners of the latest single or double tournament played in the club that has a specific string in the tournament name.
  3. Winners of a specific tournament.
The format of the box is always the same. To see the box and get the code to put in your page to show the boxes, go to "Statistic -> Past Results", select your club, select one of the tournaments if you have more than one, and follow, at the end of the page, the link to add the winner boxes to your site.

See the winners box instruction page for more information.

Can I change the graphics of the winners list box?
Yes. The graphics of the box can be changed by you just overriding the css tags. You can also delete the call to the css file, and use your own css.

See the winners box instruction page for more information.

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