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Multi Round Robin Tournament Management

old USTTA rating system description

This rating is an older method once used by the USTTA (now USATT).
The following table shows the rating changes depending on the difference in rating of the two players.
The winner of a match has points added to his/her rating, and the loser has point subtracted.
An upset occurs when the lower rated player win. In this case, the number of point won or lost is greater, except that players within 25 points of each other are considered equal.

Rating Point Difference Normal Outcome Upset Outcome
Winner Loser Winner Loser
0 - 258 -8 8 -8
26 - 507 -7 10 -10
51 - 1005 -5 12 -12
101 - 1503 -3 15 -15
151 - 2002 -2 20 -20
201 - 2501 -1 26 -26
251 and up1 -0 32 -32

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